Have You heard about Sid?

Did you know?

Sid has multiple Ethics violations...

Sid Miller is guilty of ethical violations!

Sid Miller has been found guilty of numerous ethical transgressions by the Texas Ethics Commission dating all the way back to 2007. The most recent was just in 2017!

Sid Miller hired his cronies and handed them over $400,000 in bonuses.

The law requires that the public should be able to apply for government jobs, but Sid quickly hired his FRIENDS, CAMPAIGN AIDES, and a CONVICTED FELON to top-paying jobs and doled out more than $400,000 in bonuses in the first 9 months.

Sid Miller spent taxpayer money to… MAKE HIS NAME BIGGER?

Shortly after taking office, Sid Miller opposed Texas Republicans and spent nearly $100,000 of our money to change the state’s fuel pump stickers so that HIS NAME was more visible.

Sid Miller was investigated by the Texas Rangers.

That’s right- the Texas Rangers investigated Sid Miller for ONCE AGAIN using our tax dollars, this time to compete in a rodeo in Mississippi and receive a controversial “Jesus Shot” in Oklahoma.

Did you know?

Sid is NOT fiscally responsible or conservative!

Sid Miller used fee increases to raise nearly 7 MILLION MORE THAN state law allows.

According to the Texas State Auditor, Sid Miller’s fee hikes generated almost $7 million more than the law allows; he could not provide an explanation for how he set the fees; and, they did not keep records to determine the actual costs of administering the programs to know if the fees were too high.

Sid Miller raised taxes and fees on farmers, ranchers, and small business... Sometimes by 500%!

When the Legislature rejected Sid Miller’s request for an additional $50 million to grow the Department of Agriculture, he responded by RAISING FEES on farmers, ranchers, and other small businesses by as much as 500%.

Sid Miller was opposed by Republicans!

NO SURPRISE: Sid Miller’s fee hikes were OPPOSED by conservative legislators and organizations like the Texas Farm Bureau!

Did you know?

Sid Miller is weak on Immigration.

Sid Miller is sideways with Republicans on Mexico!

Sid Miller distanced himself from President Trump by meeting with Mexican officials along the border and suggesting we should consult with Mexico before building a wall. Sorry: They don’t “need to have a say” in how we secure our border!

Sid Miller is SOFT on illegal immigration.

Sid Miller cast his vote FOR in-state tuition for illegal immigrants when the legislature was faced with a bill that would allow those who come here illegally to BENEFIT from our tax dollars.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote for Sid Miller.